• Passionate Buddhist Wear Jewelry

    While it's true that there's nowhere in Buddhism that says one must wear jewelry -
    It's also true that those that do, will be blessed by the Buddha and contain his special powers within while fending off any negative vibrations around them. So what to wear? We're delving into the world of Buddhist Jewelry today for a more in-depth look.


    Necklaces or Bracelets or Rings?

    This is one of those questions that I get asked on occasions. It is entirely up to personal preference as to which Buddhist item of jewelry one would want to wear. However, I will share with you some expert tips about which one you should perhaps consider buying.
    First, let's look at the special luck that a Buddha necklace empowers on its wearer. It is said that if you are to wear a Buddhist necklace around your neck, that your entire upper body will be protected from negative, or some might say evil spirits from entering one's body. It is also said that wearing such a necklace will give the wearer a stronger immune system ie you will be less likely to catch a virus or a bacterial infection - and perhaps even cancer. With regards to Buddhist bracelets - These too are said to have magical properties. Wearing an item around your wrist with such magical properties can protect your fists and make you have more power in your hands to achieve the things you most desire in your life.


    So whether it's a Buddha necklace choice, a Buddha bracelet, a ring or another piece of jewelry - If it's Buddhist-themed then you are in line to becoming more protected from the dark spirits circulating around us and also an increased immune system too to fend off any illnesses from materializing within our bodies.